April Fool

Another day, another faintly disturbing email from London Underground – this time from one Bob Thorogood, purporting to be the general manager of the District Line, letting me know personally that bits of the Silverlink and District Line will be closed for nine days starting on April 1st. He’s signed it and decorated it with a little animated pneumatic drill and everything. While not as grovelling as the one I got when the Northern Line was closed it’s nice to know they still care, although if they read the blog more carefully they’d know I haven’t used that line for several months now. I suppose this is all down to the fact that my oyster card while not, apparently, being registered in the real world (i.e. I can’t put a monthly season card on it) does somehow carry on a parallel cyberspace existence (perhaps it has its own blog?) where it is registered on the internet, entitling me to apologetic emails from Bob and his friends.

Bob (He did address me formally as Ms Commuter, but I feel I know him already) also threw in a helpful link to this leaflet with alternative travel arrangements such as a ‘replacement bus service’ (surely this is an oxymoron up there with ‘military intelligence’ – they’re telling you to allow ‘up to 30 minutes extra’ for an ordinarily 10 minute journey. What kind of a replacement is that?) and using SouthWest trains. Unfortunately, SouthWest Trains, getting into the swing of things, will also be having engineering works on the Richmond line on both affected weekends, and, as a special bonus, the Waterloo and City line will be closing that week too. So, fancy a trip out west on April Fools day? Think again. West London is closed. Please try later.


6 responses to “April Fool

  1. Works such as you mention seem to be neverending. I’m forever seeing ‘replacement bus services’.

  2. I suppose things have to be fixed sometime but SWT certainly seems to have engineering works every single weekend.

  3. That Waterlo and City Line closure isn’t just for a week, though: it’s until September! As it’s a fundamental part of my commute (Hackney to Wimbledon) I may end up being more disgruntled than you.
    I suppose the North London line to Highbury and Islington, then the Vicky to Vauxhall, will do the trick. But that means getting the North London line.

  4. Aargh, no, not the North London Line. Trust me. Er … bike? Or just walk from Liverpool St. to Waterloo? Come September you may not want to go back to the tube …

  5. Yes, cycling would be the preferred thing. I do sometimes cycle to Waterloo, but I just have to get back into the habit. Oh, and my bike is making a funny noise.
    But I meant to ask, how do you go about getting emails from London Underground?

  6. I don’t really know. I did activate some sort of online account for my oyster card after I attempted to register it the first time & I can only think that was what did it. I certainly didn’t sign up for anything, but I may have forgotten to tick the box marked spam.
    My bike makes funny noises all the time. I look upon it as a safety device: it’s how pedestrians know I’m behind them …

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