Where’d it Go?

That whooshing noise you hear? It’s the sound of another weekend disappearing into the past without apparently touching the sides. It didn’t help that this weekend they made it a whole hour shorter (why the weekend? Why can’t the clocks go forward half way through Monday afternoon? I’d vote for that) but it seems like one minute it’s Friday evening and I’m locking up my bike, thinking there’s plenty of time to sort out the half detached mudguard and renew my season ticket, and the next thing I know it’s Monday morning, it’s dark, my watch claims, implausibly, that it’s time to get up and some blasted blackbird is singing happy blackbird songs outside my window.

Yet I must have done something over the weekend because when I tried to leave the house I found my bike bag in the bathroom, my oyster card in my fleece pocket instead of my work jacket, my bike lock draped over a chair, my phone feebly demanding to be fed and my wallet missing. And somebody’s changed all the clocks. And I’m late for my train. And of course whatever the weekend festivities were, they didn’t include renewing my season ticket or fixing my bike so I ended up pelting down to Vauxhall having retrieved most of my belongings (wallet was in my bag where I left it …) with one mudguard flapping merrily in the gale and the strut it was supposed to be attached to forming a sort of Boudicea type scythe for kneecapping unwary passers-by with.

I think they should break us in gently with British Summer time, I really do. And I’m really sorry about the kneecaps, I hope you get better soon …*

*no pedestrians were harmed in the making of this blog


12 responses to “Where’d it Go?

  1. My Bike taunts me also, there is plenty of time, yet it never gets done, and now coming into summer I will want to use it more!

  2. Wow! Sounds very much like my weekend right down to the ‘sod it, the season ticket renewal can wait’ routine. For the bike problem is simply washing the damn thing. I keep meaning to, really I do but there’s the hosepipe ban and the fact that I suffer from a very heavy duvet on the weekend mornings. Cabbies were unscathed this morning by the way. With the wind behind me I was passing them too quickly. Good luck with the Boudicea reinactments. In the wind, it must look quite awe inspiring.

  3. I should probably go a bit easier on the woad…
    AMP – you are a fair weather cyclist … get out now and then you’ll be whizzing past everyone come June

  4. Hehe, I have two punctures tho, and am really bad at repairs!

  5. It would probably be easier to just buy new inner tubes … (decadent though)

  6. Hehe, yeah, and get them fitted!

  7. I always replace the inner tube. Puncture repair is not my greatest life skill. I usually have more joy attempting manned flight with a flymo.
    Nice pun by the way!

  8. amp – if you can sort out CSS layout, you can surely fit an inner tube? I thought guys had that sort of thing hardwired in at birth …
    village idiot – I’m relieved. I always thought it was a bit of a cop out. I only ever used my puncture repair kit to patch my boat shoes when I walked through the soles…

  9. I don’t have quick release wheels, its an old bike and I’m positive I’d not tighten it right or something and go over a cliff!

  10. I like your suggestion of moving the time change to Monday afternoon 🙂 Can we start an international petition??

  11. amp – hmm … new bike?
    Nikki – I can just hear all the whinging from the captains of industry about lost productivity, but I reckon it would make everyone so happy productivity would double. Let’s start the petition now! (er, who do we petition? The UN?)

  12. Yes, I think that may be best…

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