One Down, Several Million to Go

Cycling on my way to the station this morning I saw a dead pigeon on the road, unspeakable pigeon guts oozing from its side. From the squished appearance this would appear to be not so much a case of bird flu than a case of bird that didn’t – finally one of London’s pedestrian pigeons learned the hard way that waddling out of the path of oncoming traffic is less effective than flying. Or alternatively, given the weather we have been having, perhaps it just died of cold. Any attempt at a post mortem is probably too late as by the time I cycled home this evening it wasn’t so much a dead pigeon as a sort of pigeon veneer on the road.

Sadly none of this has fazed its feathery collagues one jot – while they weren’t (yet) pecking at its entrails, they were still stomping about quite happily on the road beside its pitiful corpse. Possibly their diet of kebabs and chips has left them actually unable to take off. Panic now. Even our wildlife is becoming morbidly obese.


4 responses to “One Down, Several Million to Go

  1. Timing is all. It is funny you should mention bird flu today in view of the news from the Shetlands about 100 dead hens. Not apparently run over-no cars, or not many-so the sinister lurgi is expected

  2. Always first with the news here on Disgruntled Commuter …

  3. Disgruntled – Sometimes when cycling about, it feels a bit like the first 20 minutes of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ for sheer animal corpse carnage, especially through the country lanes. I recommend the I-Spy Book of Animal Carcasses though.

  4. That’s the countryside for you though – pigeons are as exciting as it gets round here. Except for this evening, when I cycled past one head of broccoli, one piece of cabbage, and several dismembered mushrooms. Looks like I need the I-Spy guide to vegetarian carnage round here

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