Dialogue of the Deaf

I think this pretty much sums up the state we’re in:

Two people on Kew Bridge platform, probably colleagues, were attempting to have one of those going home chats while waiting for the train. Except that she was on the phone to someone else and ended up conducting two separate conversations in two different languages while he, who had started the whole thing by playfully tapping her on the head, couldn’t hear her because he was still listening to music through his headphones. He did turn down his music eventually, but never removed his headphones, while she never put down the phone that was welded to her ear throughout, yet seemed perfectly content to talk to two people at once.

Am I the only person who finds this little vignette depressing? Actually I could have done with some headphones myself this evening as about 8 college girls – who made up in cheerfulness and volume what they lacked in singing ability and real grasp of any of the actual words – led us in a singalong on the train home. As in they sang and we wished they’d move along

And finally, talking of dialogue, it was Meet the Managers day at Vauxhall this evening. Normally this is the cue for some horrendous train disaster which leads to it being cancelled, but not today – they were standing there unmolested with their little clipboards all ready for writing down helpful suggestions from the travelling public. Nobody had even thrown an egg at them. I was going to complain about the lack of blogging material in recent days but decided against it. Be careful what you wish for…


2 responses to “Dialogue of the Deaf

  1. Please note that these Meet the Managers events occur only in the evenings knowing full well that commuters have already had their feistiness knocked out of them at work and just want to get home. Next time you see the Managers, please feel free to egg them. I’ll even pay for the eggs (and your bail if required).

  2. The last meet the managers event I remember was scheduled by Thames Trains at Maidenhead on the day of the Southall crash. Unsurprisingly, they cancelled. The next time I see one advertised I’ll give everyone plenty of warning so they can either hold a whip round for eggs ‘n’ bail, or make other arrangements for travelling that day …

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