0 to No. 65 in 4 seconds

I was heading off to the station this evening when I found myself almost breaking into a sprint before I remembered and stopped myself. It’s just that sprinting is my conditioned reaction to the sight of a 65 appearing along Kew Road. Even after five years, it still gets me – it used to be my signal to switch from my normal homewards rambling speed to all-out uphill dash in my bid to reach the bus stop before it did. Realistically, I knew that if I wasn’t at the foot of the bridge before it hove into view, I wasn’t going to catch it – but there was always that slim chance. And as the alternative always seemed to be a twenty minute heel-and-everything-else cooling wait at the bus stop for the next three to come along (Sod’s law* clearly states that the bus you just miss is always the last of the bunch of three, never the first of them), I always sprinted and the passengers on the top deck would be treated to the sight of me galloping along beside them, leaping and waving in my attempts to alert the driver to my presence and burning desire to get on to the bus. Sometimes the bus would stop, sometimes it wouldn’t, sometimes it would stop, wait until I had almost got to the stop and then drive off doing the bus equivalent of a laugh.

Generally I like buses for one-off trips in the evening or at the weekend, but I would loathe to go back to commuting on one regularly. They combine all the worst features of driving to work (the traffic) with all the worst features of taking the train (the waiting) plus a few special bus tortures of their own (on the 65, apart from the fact that some of the buses leaked when it rained, and others smelt of mould, the worst thing was the Jehovah’s witness who used to roam the upper deck offering people something to read and then trapping them in conversation for the rest of the journey). I would far rather take SouthWest Trains in the morning. I’d even rather take the Silverlink in the morning. In fact, I’d rather take a Silverlink train to the moon than have to get on a bus every day on my way to work. Even if that did mean being stuck for five hours in a geostationary orbit due to the wrong kind of gravity on the line.

And yes, this is all a very long winded way of saying that it is a slow blog day today and I have absolutely nothing to complain about during my journey to and from work. Bloody SouthWest Trains …

* Transport Amendment(1984) section 12; para iii


7 responses to “0 to No. 65 in 4 seconds

  1. For many it was a no blog day today as 20six was computer non grata for over five hours earlier on.
    For a slow blog day I see you have actually done quite a long entry!

  2. trying to cover up my lack of inspiration with lots of words… I saw there were problems with 20six, dodgy server apparently. I’ve suffered a few of those at work myself so I’m in no position to cast stones …

  3. The No 32 Berwick to Hutton Bus will stop for anyone, anywhere. The driver is desperate for company

  4. So far this week on South West Trains I have been subjected to delays caused by faulty signalling equipment at Bedhampton, late engineering works in the Portsmouth Harbour area and trains ahead ‘being slow’. Maybe you were caught up in my personal favourite incident last week; the ‘Lightning Strike at Vauxhall’ adventure. It’s always fun and games on South West Trains!

  5. Huttonian – he should come down here then …
    Village idiot – not fair, you get all the entertaining excuses! If the lightning strike was on Thursday it may have been genuine though – I wasn’t at work but I was caught up in a hailstorm (complete with flashes and bangs) in Elephant & Castle. Sadly I was on foot so there were no excuses but my own…

  6. it’s always difficult when you have to go off topic for want of anything else. It’s my permanent state at the moment though, and you should be thankful for very small mercies really! 🙂

  7. I _suppose_ I’d rather have an easy journey of it home than blogging material …

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