Disgruntled Commuter is Unwell

You know how it is with a cold. It seems feeble to take a sick day (with my Very Important Job and all that) but I’ve complained long and hard enough in the past about people who like to take their germs out for a ride on the trains. So I took a flexi day instead. Same result, but no need to put on the specially feeble voice when ringing in.

I’ve just noticed, it’s snowing. How glad I am not to be witnessing first hand the chaos this will cause … if you’re out there commuting today, good luck.


17 responses to “Disgruntled Commuter is Unwell

  1. Where? Where is the snow?

  2. gone .. but it was falling in the sky a moment ago I promise …

  3. I think it’s heading North!
    It looks like a very snow filled cloud up there!

  4. I no longer commute through the blasted snow. I just walk, or trudge more like. At least I can’t blame my own legs for failing to get me to work on time.

  5. North did you say? It’s snowing in Islington just now…right now!

  6. There’s a few flakes in the West End which means South West Trains will grind to a halt. I assume you have the deadly ‘man cold’ which is far more potent than the normal common cold. Get well soon anyway.

  7. When I say North I mean way North! lol. Little snowflakes, turning into big huge ones are floating over Newcastle now!

  8. Sorry to learn that you’re unwell.
    As for snow there’s been a few very brief flurries inbetween the sunshine. Let’s hope that’s all there’s going to be.

  9. Blimey… one little post about snow and I get all these comments. A hundred carefully crafted entries and I get nothing but silence.
    Feathers and Olivia – send that snow back south! It’s gone here
    Flighty – thanks, but I’m hoping for snow, chaos or no chaos
    unicorn – I would have no qualms in blaming my legs as they have been known to let me down in the past.
    villageidiot – it’s a girl cold, as it happens. Much, much worse but we tend not to bang on about it 😉 Good luck with SWT …

  10. I could be wrong but I think that you’re going to be disappointed.
    I presume, of course, that it has to be the right kind of snow.

  11. Blimey on Stilts. One flake of the white stuff and Tout Londres succombs. And even Newcastle is too far south to really get it. But north of the Border down Huttony Way Men are Men and Sheep are completely buried. And we stoically get on with it

  12. Flighty – I am always disappointed. By everything.
    Huttonian – remember you were an effete southerner once too … Now go and dig out those sheep before they freeze

  13. I do hope that isn’t completely true as I would find that so sad.

  14. I may also always exaggerate …

  15. That’s alright then.

  16. People who come to work to spread all their germs drive me nuts.
    I am glad you took the day off. I hope you feel better soon!

  17. Sadly I was recovered enough to take the remains of my germs to work with me today. Got in to discover practically everyone else was off sick …

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