Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

Here’s another ‘what’s the difference’ quiz – this time for all the adults out there, and particularly those adults who drive very large cars for the transportation of one small child to school in the morning.

Drag your mind, if you will, off the school run for a second and ask yourself what the difference between the following two things:

(Hint: only one of them is for parking in)

Next time you’re on the approach to Kew Bridge and wishing to turn right into gridlocked traffic, don’t inch forward so that you’re trapped between the yellow box and the pedestrian crossing (that’s the one on the right, by the way). And as the pedestrian crossing is not a parking space please don’t try and reverse your monstrous car into it when the lights turn against you and you’re trapped out there in no-mans-land. Or, if you really must (because its bull bars are blocking traffic flow across the bridge), how about looking in your mirrors before doing so? That way, if you’re really lucky you might _see_ the pedestrian before you back into her and she won’t have to leap back onto the traffic island to save her miserable skin. And, even better, you will also see the two very amused police officers in the car behind before they book you for dangerous driving.*

*sorry, the last part is pure fantasy on my part. There were two police officers in the car but they didn’t book the driver. In fact, they were also breaking traffic rules and had stopped partially blocking the crossing and the bike reservoir behind it. But I can dream.


One response to “Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

  1. I can empathise completely with your story here, on many occasions I have seen drivers pull into and practically park in a yellow box no stopping zone. On one occasion I saw a bus driver completely block a pedestrian crossing for over a minute leaving a guy in a wheelchair stranded in the middle. Other drivers were more considerate and made whatever concession they could to get him safely across.

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