Normal Service Resumed

Ah yes, humanity is back to swamp gas on the great scale of things

There’s not much that protects us from the elements on Kew Bridge station. There are any warm clothes we may have been foresighted enough to wear. There’s the warm glow of knowing that we’re on our way home from work. And then there’s a little bus-stop type shelter that a fortunate few can squeeze themselves into away from the rain and the wind. Only make that just the rain, now, because I noticed this evening that all of the glass in the little windows had been smashed and removed, leaving only a few crumbs on the platform. Given the wind that’s been whistling in direct from Siberia recently, this was not an improvement.

So thanks, guys, or gals, whoever you may be. And if we soon find ourselves inundated with Mozart, I’ll know who to blame. Meanwhile SouthWest Trains might want to think about actually manning this station occasionally, if only to keep their valuable hardware intact.


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