Occasionally, just occasionally, something happens which makes me revise my opinion of humanity from one notch above swamp gas to something slightly more evolved like, oh I don’t know, plankton. Shortly after blogging yesterday, just as I was about to brave the north wind and Tescos in order to keep the other half in chocolate biscuits, I realised that at some point during my travels my wallet had got itself lost, stolen or strayed. There followed the usual nightmare of card cancellations and the dawning realisation that it wasn’t just my cards in there, it was a fair old chunk of my life including driver’s licence, Open water diver qualification, frequent flyer cards, library cards: the works. None of which would be easy to replace. I went to work this morning resigned to spending half the day on the internet or the phone to various helplines. Instead I found a post-it note with a message: I’d left my wallet in a shop (actually the shop that had sent me off on yesterday’s wild goose chase, but never mind, they are officially forgiven) and it was safely in their till waiting for me to pick it up.


Of course, my cards are still cancelled, but given the way we’ve been spending recently, that’s probably no bad thing. The main thing is I can still leap into a hire car, collect air miles on a flight to the tropics, go scuba diving and then enjoy a relaxing evening in a hammock with a dozen of Lambeth’s finest library books whenever I want. The fact that I have done none of these things for the last half-a-dozen years is neither here nor there. It’s nice to know I can.

* Given that the title of my last entry was a fate-tempter too far for the local weather gods – I got rain, snow, sleet, more rain and a north wind that cut like a knife and that was just on the way in to work (it was just sleet, wind, rain and ice on the way back) – what the fates hold after today’s post, I shudder to think. Still, live life on the edge, that’s what I say. Bring it on …


4 responses to “Gruntled*

  1. Lucky you! I must say that we get all sorts of things left in the shop. Car keys and credit cards at the counter. On the two photocopiers we have found passports, driving licenses, bank statements, birth certificates and so on.
    People are usually in rush because they’re illegally parked outside and worried about traffic wardens.
    As for the horrible weather today no comment needed.

  2. I can’t blame being in a rush, but I was having a bit of a rubbish day that day, and I seem to get more scatty by the minute. Still, it could have been a lot worse. I could have left it on the bus, or it could have been pinched.

  3. better put the lottery on if you’re having a lucky week …

  4. Good point but I think I’ve probably used up my luck for the week …

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