Spring Has Sprung (Seasonally Adjusted)

I had a day off today so in order to keep my levels of suffering more or less stable I decided to go for a run (damn these Protestant genes of mine … why did I have to get a full dose of the Work Ethic, without any of the sure and certain hope of the resurrection to compensate? Still, I suppose if this body does ever get resurrected, at least it won’t be with cellulite on its thighs) and then ended up taking a grand total of four buses and one tube around town on various errands. Now it was nice to be up and about so early and still be in daylight after the gloom of the last few months, but I was not impressed to see that some of the trees on the South Bank still have their fairy lights up and shining away in the morning drizzle. It may not quite be spring yet, but last time I looked it was nowhere near Christmas. And it wasn’t just the South Bank either – once you start looking there are stray trees still lit up all around London, day and night, pumping out as much carbon monoxide through their light bulbs as they can hope to absorb through their leaves (and no, that does not make them carbon neutral). Regular readers will know I’m not a fan of fairy lights at the best of times* but burning them in February is just insane. How long will they stay up? Till March? June? Till the last bulb has burned out sometime in November? Either the council has forgotten them or they are simply trying to cover everything from Diwali to Chinese New Year with one set of decorations. And don’t talk to me about festive. It’s February. It’s supposed to be miserable.

*i.e. December. For about a day. Maybe for an hour on Christmas Eve. But only if it’s snowing


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