The Best Things in Life Are … Woah, How Much?

No need for visiting tourists in London to take an expensive tour bus – the number 3, departing handily close to our house, takes in Westminster bridge (Earth has not anything to show more fair), the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and more assorted ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples than even the most demanding five year old can desire. We had the best seats in the house (at least, after the girl who was on the front seat of the top deck got tired of sharing it with a wriggling child and gracefully gave way) and we got to press the button and stop the bus and everything. And all for only … well, for me with a travel card it was free. For the other half with an Oyster pay-as-you-go it was 80p. For Disgruntled Niece (still more or less laptop sized) and Disgruntled Nephew (crucially, too short for his head to be spotted by the driver as he bolted onto the bus*) it was also free. But Disgruntled Sister and Brother-in-law, oysterless and proffering cash it was �1.50. Each. For a single. Cor blimey. Still, I suppose if you don’t have that sinking feeling you’re being ripped off by the locals, it hardly feels as though you are on holiday.

*I did try to pay for him, honest, but was wearily waved aside.


5 responses to “The Best Things in Life Are … Woah, How Much?

  1. They’re free up till about age 12 now, I think.

  2. True – I’d forgotten that. Don’t they need a card though?

  3. They’re free up till about age 12 now, I think.

  4. I think maybe over a certain age they do. And sorry about the extra comment there: I refreshed the page and it posted the previous one again.

  5. yeah, it does that. I’ve been caught that way myself a few times.

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