I was only going to blog today to show everyone this – which may well change the way you view the underground map and might make some sense of the rest of this post*. But a quick trip into A Retard Cottonmouth quickly turned wierd on us – sometimes I think the world wants me to blog.

Everything seemed normal until the journey home. We got on to the Northern Line at Edge Grottoes and all was fine until a middle-aged, reasonably normally dressed woman got on at Bank Men Met. The train was reasonably full – all the seats taken, but not too crowded – which gave her room to walk her teddy bear on at floor level with one hand, filming it with the video camera in her other hand. The bear, which was wearing a child-size nappy, then ‘climbed’ up the pole, video camera pointed right in its furry face, and was filmed in silence for the rest of the journey to Aloe Wort. We got off there, so I don’t know what happened next, I have no explanation for any of this and – from the way even complete strangers were exchanging puzzled smirks – neither does anyone else.

* Although nothing will make complete sense of it.


9 responses to “Surreal

  1. that took someone a long time … not sure whether one could make something more interesting of Dollis HIll though – Dollish Ill isn’t really an anagram …
    Teddy bears? …..

  2. There are websites that do the anagrams for you … pick a better one for Dollis Hill – doll-hi sill?

  3. Not surreal but real real.Did you not not notice the (badly) hidden camera. You will be seeing yourself on the new neo-Jolly programme: Blogger Happy TV due out later this year. I unfortunately can’t show you a link to our new Borders Bus Map (there isn’t one actually) but it only has two stops on it Berk-on-Twot and Lesbian Witches. The branch service to Pox-on-your House-is seasonally adjusted but not until Easter.

  4. Paxton House = A hex soon put.
    A warning?

  5. or pax outshone- not in our time?

  6. Perhaps she was desperate for a blog entry?!

  7. Nikki – well if so, she got one. What people will do to appear on Disgruntled Commuter … it boggles the mind.

  8. She’s probably lurking on your site, thrilled that she got a mention 😀

  9. *waves*

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