To the Driver of the Kingsferry Coach …

… crossing Lambeth Bridge (southbound) just after 7:20 this morning:

If you must drive over a zebra crossing when I’m attempting to cross it (and believe me, you are not alone in this) then would you at least have the decency to pretend you can’t see me? Your cheery wave and grin as you whizzed past did my mood no good at all.

And to the driver on the northbound side, who hooted at the driver who did have the temerity to slow down (slow down, note, not stop) so I could cross in safety: there are no words.

Actually there are a lot of words but this is a family blog so I will refrain from using any of them.


4 responses to “To the Driver of the Kingsferry Coach …

  1. and of course having nothing to hand to note their registrations – have a sweetie!

  2. Thanks! The coach driver I could probably track down if I tried hard enough … the other guy probably wouldn’t care

  3. You’re entirely right about the zebra crossings on Lambeth Bridge. I walk in that way sometimes at about 8.00, and it’s a real game of chicken getting across. Only a matter of time until they put traffic lights in, I think, and serve the drivers right…

  4. I hope not – traffic lights are the worst of both worlds. Both drivers and pedestrians get held up, whereas if zebras work properly the driver need barely stop. But that’s life, I suppose

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