Today is National Skiveritis Day

At least, according to the Guardian (and any other newspaper which lazily recycled the same press release, sorry, fearlessly exposed this fascinating tidbit through tireless investigative journalism). And it would appear that the driver of the train before my normal train was one of the lead-swingers, although I can’t confirm this because the person who makes the train information system in Vauxhall occasionally give out useful train information had also decided to opt for quality time with Richard and Judy this morning as well so whether a train was cancelled or not, and why, we weren’t actually told.

Unfortunately the rest of us didn’t get the memo – at least that part of the workforce that takes the Brentford train into work – and so the platform was packed. By Clapham Junction we were all happily sharing germs (some people should malinger more and cough, sneeze, splutter and sniff in my airspace a little less) so if today is national duvet day, tomorrow will probably be national genuinely off sick day. And me? Well, jet lag is not a recognised illness so I staggered in with the rest of us, and staggered home early to take out my disgruntlement on the blog.

Bet you’re glad I’m back


5 responses to “Today is National Skiveritis Day

  1. of course we’re glad you’re back, intrepid world travelling is all very well but no where near as adventurous as the Tube!

  2. Well, I’m one of the genuinely ill people today (blog explains why). And I’ve had to deal with the snide side comments about it being sickie day. I offered them to come into my house and see why I’m ill… but nobody took it up…

  3. Heeeheee… my assistant phoned in sick this morning. She will be teased mercilessly with this article when she gets back. [evil cackle]

  4. You bet I’m glad you’re back. This blog always cheers me up no end when I sit down with a cup of tea.
    Have a sweetie in the hope that it will make you a little less disgruntled.

  5. Oooh a sweetie, thanks! The jet lag is beginning to wear off so I’ll be back to just plain old grumpy tomorrow. Caatje – you don’t work for Worcester park do you? just a thought …
    & I’m glad to be back with the delights of London Transport for the foreseeable future

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