The Wheels on the Suitcase go Round and Round

It seems as though these days that no sooner have I come back from one trip, unpacked and got through about half the laundry backlog, than it’s time for me to pack up my little wheely suitcase and set off once more. A work trip, this time, and nowhere near as exciting a destination as the last one unfortunately. The problem is that my flight leaves at 8:20am from Heathrow which means technically I should be aiming to get there for 6:20am. Now I’ve checked the Heathrow Express web page and the first train leaves some time after five am, which is jolly nice for it, but it will be leaving without me because the first tube doesn’t run until sometime just before six. The Transport for London journey planner has made all sorts of helpful suggestions regarding buses but buses and suitcases don’t really mix, and to be honest, neither does me and five in the morning. So my plan is to check in online, print out my own boarding card, take only a carry-on, and hope for the best. It still means experiencing the delights of the very first tube of the day. Here’s betting it will still manage to have discarded copies of the Metro all over the floor.

I have the promise of wireless internet access so if all goes well I’ll be able to blog about it – watch this space. Meanwhile, an early night for me. I feel tired already…


2 responses to “The Wheels on the Suitcase go Round and Round

  1. Hey you,
    I still peep in your commuting fun from time to time. I have a fan base of readers on my blog in Madison Wisconsin… and I have a link to your blog on mine, so they also read up on you. It’s a small world.
    We also puzzle over getting to Stansted for our 6:30 a.m. Ryanair flights. Paddington is a 7 minute cab ride for us, but Liverpool Street? Not easy. And those buses to Standsted are not fast. Ryanair is really just a kind of silly masochism.

  2. Small world indeed, until you try and get across a bit of it in the early hours 🙂
    Glad you’re still checking in & a big hi to the folks in Madison (don’t be offended by some of the next entries … I’m in North Carolina & I’m jetlagged)

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