It Makes you go Blind

She seemed like such a devoted mother, making sure her daughter’s hat and scarf were firmly on, and that she didn’t lose her oyster card, and that she was settled nicely in her seat. But then she picked up her copy of the Sun and laid it across her knees and absorbed herself for the next five minutes with an article on page three – giving us all, little girl included, the full benefit of Zoe, 24, from London’s perky nipples.

I don’t know why it bothered me. It didn’t seem to bother anyone else, and the child (who looked about seven) didn’t turn a hair – no doubt she sees worse every day on the way to school. Maybe I’m becoming a prude in my old age. But I think it was the way the mother didn’t even seem to see what she was looking at – the fact that we have all become so used to ignoring the stuff that should be jumping out at us (look! topless women!) that we no longer even see it. She probably didn’t even register that it was there.

Maybe the old wives were right after all


4 responses to “It Makes you go Blind

  1. Actually it was Zoe 38 24 36. And the article had three 5 letter words-a record for the Sun

  2. and that’s why clare short was and is right …

  3. huttonian – you are obviously a regular reader.
    Claire – and yet it’s nothing compared to what appears regularly on the 20six home page these days…

  4. I don’t go there very often, happily …

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