Dances with Penguins

I am off here.

I may be some time …

One down, six to go. I may be able to post, so watch this space, otherwise normal service resumes in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, whose stupid idea was it to have a tube strike on the day I have to get to Heathrow with an absolute mountain of kit?

Answers on a postcard please.


4 responses to “Dances with Penguins

  1. wow
    i’m so jealous

  2. Fantastic. Have a great trip.

  3. coo. lucky thing.
    I was going to tell you about a piece I heard on local radio (in cleveland!) about classical music to be played on the tube (yes, yours, LOL!) to reduce all your stress levels, but I imagine you’ve got that in hand going there …

  4. i want to hear about disgruntledly (if that’s a word, I doubt it!) getting there …

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