Oh All Right Then

Listen very carefully because I will do this only once (respond to a tag, I mean)

seven things to do before I die

1. Go to Antarctica (watch this space)
2. Get published
3. Own a forest
4. Dive with whale sharks
5. See a Pel’s Fishing Owl
6. Make a will
7. Help stop global warming (before we all do…)

seven things I cannot do

1. Stop using ellipses at the end of every other sentence …
2. Stand on my head
3. Take decent photographs
4. Shut up for one minute
5. Take both hands off the handlebars
6. Pick up a live toad, even to save its life
7. Admit I’m wrong

seven things that attract me to blogging

1. The discipline
2. The audience, all three of them
3. Even the worst train journey suddenly has its upside
4. Seeing my family do it
5. Laughing at my own jokes
6. ‘Meeting’ other people
7. Having my own platform to say whatever I like

seven things I say most often

1. Nightmare
2. You are a star
3. Fantastic
4. Coffee?
5. Of course I’m right
6. Have you seen my …?
7. F#*&%!

seven books that I love
What only seven?

1. Miss Smilla’s feeling for Snow
2. Catch 22
3. Persuasion
4. War & Peace
5. Atonement
6. The Secret History
7. The Plot Against America

seven movies that I watch over & over again
…er I barely watch films once, let alone over and over. Can I have seven more books please?

8. High Fidelity (or any Nick Hornby)
9. Paddy Clark, Ha Ha Ha (or any Roddy Doyle)
10. The Amateur Marriage (or any Anne Tyler)
11. The Republic of Love (or any Carol Shields)
12. The Nine Taylors (or any Dorothy Sayers)
13. Case Histories (or any Kate Atkinson)
14. Wild Sheep Chase (or any Murukami)

seven people I want to join in

Anyone who wants to – feel free.


8 responses to “Oh All Right Then

  1. This meme is certainly doing the rounds. I ‘ve been tagged by three 20six friends so far. You’ve listed some interesting choices especially in the first one.

  2. It’s a simple meme but rather clever – the entry may have turned out more revealing than I intended …

  3. It’s a cool one! Not done it yet, not been tagged or however that works.

  4. caatje – just do it for the fun of it then!

  5. yes – consider yourself tagged, caatje 🙂

  6. What? Ms. Smiller? That’s a dreadful book. It’s like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but where the part of Arnie is played by a forty year old woman.

  7. I couldn’t get in to Catch 22 to save myself – was totally confused by the end of page 2, and it really didn’t ‘grab’ me.

  8. Ross – horses for courses, I guess. I found it gripping from page one & there are very few books where the heroine is a toughie as playable by Arnie.
    Claire – you have to just relax, persist with it, it all makes sense in the end. Or rather, it doesn’t but that is the point…

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