Don’t Mess with the TPS

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this little encounter:

No sooner had I pressed ‘submit’ on my last entry than the phone rang.

Disgruntled Commuter: Hello?
Telesales person: Hello I’m Kendra from CrapSales company
DC: Sorry, this number is registered with the TPS
TP: Oh, sorry, I’ll take it off the list.
DC: Thanks, bye. (puts phone down) YEESSSS!

Of course it would have been better if Kendra hadn’t rung at all, but that way I would never have known how well it worked …


7 responses to “Don’t Mess with the TPS

  1. These magic words are like the kiss of death to such people.

  2. I much prefer cold-caller baiting. It’s ten times more entertaining!

  3. Ah, I don’t have the skill to do that 🙂

  4. What TPS would prefer you to do (once your number has had time to filter down) is to lure the caller into identifying themselves with enough detail for TPS to nail their ass. I’ve never quite had the balls for this approach, which presumably ends with you pulling off a (virtual) rubber mask and exclaiming “It was me the whole time! You are so busted!”

  5. my number should have been on the list … the beauty of blogging about it is that I knew exactly when I’d signed up & my 28 days had passed. I wonder what the TPS need for ass-nailing and what the punishment (other than having their ass nailed, of course, which sounds painful) might be?

  6. There was a good article on this in this week’s Guardian weekend – apparently, once we’ve all signed up for TPS it’ll get worse as there will be nothing to stop the foreign cold callers at all ….

  7. yes I read that & it made my quite glad about my policy of _not_ being rude to the actual callers but saving my wrath fo the company that employs them. I took the point about the foreign cold-callers coming in but meanwhile, who wants to be the last household not signed up for the TPS? The phone would never stop ringing …

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