A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

After the conditions we’ve had so far this winter, I think I can safely say that I’m not one of those fair weather cyclists who gives up at the first hint of drizzle. (This is despite the fact that practically the only thing I can remember from A-level maths is the proof that you get just as wet, if not wetter, cycling or running in the rain as you do walking as long as the distance is the same. I can’t remember the precise details, but the gist of it was that you pass through the same volume of rain either way.) This morning I thought it was drizzle as usual, but it was only after I had donned all the kit, extricated my bike and set off that I realised that it was sleeting. By the time I’d arrived at Vauxhall there was more snow mixed in than rain and by the time I was walking in to work there was one, brief, magical moment when the rain stopped falling and started floating and I thought we were going to have proper snow …

It wasn’t to be, of course. Just sleet. There’s no excuse for sleet, really – it has absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever. It’s nature’s way of telling us that it could have snowed, if it wanted to, it just couldn’t be bothered. I think it’s my punishment for making scathing remarks about blizzards yesterday. I would put up with it all: the chaos, the cancelled trains, being stranded for two hours in West Hampstead, the complete grinding to a halt of the entire city, just to see a bit of snow – proper, settling, snow, the kind you can toboggan on.

Something for 2006, maybe?


5 responses to “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

  1. Could have been worse – you could have been cycling throught the snow up here .. LOL

  2. I think I draw the line at cycling in the snow. It’s OK till you put on your brakes …

  3. The trouble is we don’t get proper snow in London. It soon turns grey and slushy. I agree though that it would be nice to see.
    Sleet is horrible, as was today. Such days I can well do without thanks.

  4. In general, because of the lovely city life and the according slightly higher temperatures… it will mainly be sleet we will be seeing.
    I particularly love the over dramatic news bulletins warning of a city coming to a grinding halt under heavy snow…
    Only to see the heavy snow fall somewhere else but the city coming to a grinding halt anyway!
    I have joined the 20six club too!!!! Yay!

  5. Caatje – Hurrah, you succumbed to temptation and started blogging …
    Flighty – yes, city snow is rubbish, isn’t it. Still, it’s better than sleet.
    Happy new year to everyone …

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