Drunk in Charge

Stepping out into the cold air this evening, I was reminded that while it may be amusing to bring a novelty liqueur to the office Christmas party, it is not advisable actually to drink it. Those things are stronger than they look. Ah well, made for an interesting (as in the old Chinese curse) cycle ride home.

But I wasn’t the only one who’d had a few too many. I don’t know what automated train announcement voices drink, but the one on our train had reached the boringly repetitive stage and was still insisting to anyone who would listen that the next station was Clapham Junction even as we were pulling into Vauxhall.


4 responses to “Drunk in Charge

  1. I remember, a very long time ago, riding a bike having had a few too many. Most unsettling, and at one point pedestrians were overtaking me !

  2. The worst thing for me is the strong compulsion to ‘see what it feels like’ cycling on the wrong side of the road. Not advisable in London …

  3. Please try to avoid such kamikaze tendencies as I want to continue reading your excellent blog.

  4. heh heh … so far I’ve resisted, except way back when I was a student and it was generally 4am then so the roads were deserted

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