Small Outbreak of Common Sense, Nobody Hurt

I was pleased to notice the other day that the last Routemaster, the 159, has been replaced by a proper double-decker bus, and not a bendy monstrosity. Does this mean somebody out there is listening?

And the train this evening came in with a window that was entirely shivered into fragments. Did they take the train out of service and disrupt the whole evening schedule? They did not. Somebody had carefully taped up the crazed glass with black-and-yellow striped tape so it couldn’t fall out and the train was able to continue. It wasn’t even running late.

What is going on? It must be Christmas … Normal service undoubtedly to resume tomorrow


2 responses to “Small Outbreak of Common Sense, Nobody Hurt

  1. can i just say that im pleased to see this blog firsthand. any ideas how to complain about the tubes???

  2. I’m real glad they didn’t replace the 159 with these ugly bendy buses too. But it’s still sad the Routemaster had to go. I used to take it to work every morning from Brixton to Central London *sigh*. Sweet memories. LOL.

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