Vauxhall Cross Strikes Again

Coming up to the station this morning I noticed an empty car apparently abandoned right in the middle of the crossing. At first I thought it was someone with a novel approach to getting round Lambeth’s parking restrictions but then I noticed the fallen motorbike, the guy lying on his back in the road, the passer-by doing CPR, the anxious little knot of people. I must have just missed the crash, and I didn’t see what happened but I’m willing to bet that the design of the junction itself, with its terrible sight lines and blind bend channelling five lanes of traffic right in front of the station, had some bearing on it. Yet even as I waited for the lights, and as the driver of the car started to move his vehicle out of the way, pedestrians were still willing to take advantage of the slowing down in traffic to take their lives into their hands and bolt across the road. It’s just a train, people. It’s not worth getting killed to catch it.

By the time I got my bike sorted and locked, the CPR had stopped and it looked like the guy was sitting up. By the time I had remembered to go and get my lights off my bike, a paramedic had arrived on a motorbike and I guessed he was in safe hands. By the time I got out of the station this evening there was no sign at all that an accident had happened – not even, I was relieved to see, a police incident board appealing for witnesses. I’m hoping that means there wasn’t a fatality.

Anyway it did make the other worries and irritations of the journey pale into insignificance, except for the fact of the actual paling into insignificance of the front light of my bicycle (I must have left it on for the last two weeks in my bag) which began to loom rather large in my list of priorities as I set off to cycle home invisibly in the dark. New batteries, I think. And possibly a helmet …


One response to “Vauxhall Cross Strikes Again

  1. You had better watch your step, dimmed ou undimmed, at Vauxhall Cross for very good security reasons which one is not allowed to discuss for fear of action under the ATA (proposed) Verb Sap as J.Caesar used to say to Mark Antony.

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