Thirty-six hours …

… just in case any of you might still be thinking travelling for work was in anyway glamorous, exciting or enjoyable.

12:00: Check in on line for flight to Berlin. The internet travel age has arrived. Unfortunately still have to physically travel myself.
13:15 Car to South Ealing tube, tube to Heathrow terminal 1, two hours spent hanging around departure lounge
15:40 BA flight to Berlin Tegel airport, arrive 18:00 Berlin time
18:30 Play ‘guess which way round to insert the 10 Euro note’ with the multilingual ticket machine. Bus to Zoologischer Garten, U-bahn to Steglitz (nobody tried to speak to us except the ticket inspector), walk to hotel. Meal, bed.
08:30 Walk to meeting – this is about the only point where I saw Berlin by daylight. It was … well, it was OK, what I saw of it.
9:00-16:00 Meeting.
16:30 Walk to U-Bahn, train to Zoologischer Garten, bus to Airport, check in for 19:15 flight.
19:15 Flight delayed. Fog in Heathrow. 16:15 flight is still waiting to depart
20:45 Flight departs. Meal consists of a pretzel and a Snickers bar in a paper bag due to aftermath of Gate Gorumet dispute, and the airline substance allegedly known as coffee.
21:25 (London time) I can see my house. Unfortunately I am still in the plane, several thousand feet above it. I wave.
21:40 On ground
22:00 Finally get off plane. Mobile phone expires of battery exhaustion as soon as I turn it on. Lucky phone. Find phone box (remember those?)
22:20 depart Heathrow Picadilly line to Picadilly circus, then Bakerloo to Lambeth North.
23:15 Lambeth North. Emerge from station along with goodly proportion of local wildlife, walk home. Bowl of cereal
00:00 Own bed. Ahhh…


2 responses to “Thirty-six hours …

  1. Cant believe noone tried to talk to you, you’re one lucky girl !
    Bless you for bein’ back in the UK, dont that feel good ? *SIGH*

  2. That’s exactly why I don’t miss it at all ! I hope that you’re having a much better weekend.

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