Don’t Mention the War

Disgruntled Commuter is off to Berlin for a couple of days. Back on Monday with reports of more adventures.


5 responses to “Don’t Mention the War

  1. Have a good time. Last time I went there was a rather large wall all the way through the middle of it.

  2. Tschuss!

  3. I hope you will be able to experience the joys of commuting in germany. Good luck and dont forget your shirt “No talking please, i’m english”
    Gute Fahrt !

  4. You’re lucky.
    You missed the utter chaos of the lovely SW tonight…. I was at Waterloo for 20mins and did not see a single train leave on time. My journey which is supposed to take 30 minutes actually took 54….
    Go figure…

  5. it’ll have improved substantially since i was there – 1971, UK dock strike, mother decided that camping out on the motorway between helmsted and berlin was a good idea – she still hasn’t worked out why it wasn;t, despite the grief we got when we did get to berlin the next day … that was the year i rebelled against being hauled round europe in a camper van.

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