Walking Blues

I have been unable to use my bike all week while my hand recovers from valiantly fighting off last weekend’s paving stone attack, which has meant walking 20 minutes in the cold, dark wet in the morning and 20 minutes back in the cold, dark wet in the evening. All of which was bad enough before I realised this morning that the sock-shoe combination I had unwisely chosen to wear was one of the sock-swallowing kind. I had the choice of hopping down the road pulling my socks up at every other step like an errant schoolchild or simply letting my socks gradually work their way down until they were concertina-ed around my feet and I could bear it no more. The problem is worn elastic on the socks and shoes which have reached the ‘comfortable but disintegrating’ stage of the great shoe life cycle. It looks like I’m going to have to get in touch with my inner girl and go shoe shopping. Either that or it’s socks on the Christmas list again…


5 responses to “Walking Blues

  1. Oh dear, was that really the most notable thing that happened to you today?

  2. James – while commuting, yes. Although you’ve clearly not suffered with sock-swallowing shoes if you think walking over two miles in them wasn’t notable enough …

  3. I once had to walk round durham with some of those shoes – nightmare, and you feel such a prune pulling the d. socks up every 5 seconds!

  4. Just one word
    I mean the sock/shoe combination, not the entry, obviously :-D.

  5. this is obviously a girl thing …

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