Rising to the Occasion

It had to happen. Somebody somewhere discovered that there was a vertical surface at Vauxhall that wasn’t yet covered in advertising. Can’t have that, so now the risers of the stairs up to the platform have been pressed into service to sell me something – I couldn’t tell you what, because a) they haven’t paid me and b) I’m watching where I put my feet these days after an embarrassing encounter with a gang of paving stones on the Embankment over the weekend (one of them tripped me up and then its friends hit me in the hands and kicked me in the knees). What next? No smoking signs sponsored by Nicotinell? Actually, thinking about it, I have a horrible feeling that may have been done already …


6 responses to “Rising to the Occasion

  1. I hope that your pride suffered more than your hands and knees. Mind you it’s such an easy, and stupid, thing to do as I well know.

  2. Pride, hands and knees all suffered pretty much equally. There are more public ways to humiliate oneself than tripping over a paving stone just outside the London Eye but they mostly involve reality TV shows and Carol Thatcher … Still I’ve probably cheered up some tourist’s holiday snaps

  3. Dear Disgruntled,
    I crossed over into your patch in my blog today. Hope you don’t mind. Gave you a name check. Actually, I was on the other side of the fence, as one of those disgruntling disgruntled commuters. Hope you can forgive me. It was an accident, honesty.
    Did you get you nano nov finished in time, by the wayt? Course you did.

  4. Oh, I wrote my url wrong. What an idiot.

  5. There’s a Nicotinell-sponsored No Smoking sign at the Waterloo & City line at Waterloo. I look distastefully at it every time I pass.

  6. Roger – either there is an epidemic of these false alarms, or else you were on my train on Monday …
    WorceseterPark – bah, it’s enough to make me take up smoking. How tacky.

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