Spread a little Happiness. Or something

What would you do if you noticed that every time the guy sitting opposite you on the train took a sip of coffee, it was dripping onto his front? He had one of those takeaway sippy-cup lids that are notorious for this; the seal between the cup and the lid is just not good enough to handle the cup being tipped so by the time you get more than a third of the way through it’s leaking like a bastard. Anyway, I’ve blogged about this kind of dilemma before and this time I decided not to be the cold hearted English type who simply lets people go into work looking as though they still need to eat wearing a Tommy Tippee bib. Perhaps it’s because I’ve recently been in France, where even the waiters helpfully correct your grammar, but I leaned forward and tapped him on the knee and let him know his cup was leaking. Which was fine. Except then we had to sit facing each other for the rest of the journey – him knowing I knew he had poured coffee down his front, me knowing he knew I knew, etc. etc. in an agony of embarrassment until he got off (or fled) at Putney. Fortunately we were both able to hide our faces in our respective papers and nothing more was said.


6 responses to “Spread a little Happiness. Or something

  1. Why are we generally so uptight and embarrassed about such things. I usually say something myself.
    The question is what will you do if there’s a next time.

  2. Oh we were both fairly embarrassed so no actual eye contact was made & I don’t think I’d recognise him again. Unless he wears the coffee stained sweatshirt again, that is…

  3. I would make a decision based on whether they had irritated the hell out of me during the journey. If they had done something to incur my wrath like quacking into their phones (“I’m on the train”), giving their briefcase a seat of its own or sitting opposite me with their legs spread wide open (I’m talking men, of course) then nothing would give me greater pleasure than to sit and watch the drip-drip-drip of brown liquid besmirched their torso.
    Otherwise I’d probably say something.

  4. This is a classic philosophical dilemma, which the Japanese have solved eons ago – simply inform your co-passenger of his public embarrassment, and then both of you slide off for a spot of ritual suicide. Simple.

  5. WorcesterPark – it’s funny you should say that because the guy had been very un-grudging about moving his legs so I could sit down so I suppose he got his reward…
    Ross – that would be messy. We’d have to have special ritual suicide carriages with hose down seats or something.

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