Cyclists Anonymous

My name is disgruntled and I sometimes cycle on the pavement…

It all started pretty innocuously. When I first started cycling I didn’t even ride across the pedestrian crossing at Vauxhall Cross, I got off and pushed my bike. Then I noticed that that crossing was actually for both bikes and pedestrians, so I started using it and the little bit of pavement on either side that Lambeth has designated a sort of bike/pedestrian free-fire zone. So far, I was still cycling within the law and I had my habit under control. I could stop any time I liked.

But then I was tempted by the underpass.

Let me explain about the underpass. There are two underpasses at Vauxhall. One of them is broad and spacious, and one is not. One of them goes straight to the station, and one does not. And one of them allows you to cycle through it on a cycle path and one does not.

Guess which one has the bike racks in it? Lovely sturdy bike racks, sheltered from the rain, watched over by the never sleeping eye of the CCTV camera, right by the station … that’s right, the one you aren’t allowed to cycle in. And so I was tempted, and I succumbed. It’s only a short distance, I tell myself. I always try to use the first available rack. It’s not like I’m tearing through the underpass with my lights blazing scattering pedestrians to right and left. But I know it’s wrong. And every day I swear to do better and not be tempted to scoot those last ten yards on my bike and instead get off and wheel it through like the good citizen I am. And every day I am weak and am tempted …

I’m just taking it one day at a time.


5 responses to “Cyclists Anonymous

  1. Good Luck, keep toiling on…it is a uphill ride!

  2. well I have to say my mother was once nearly knocked down by a person cycling on a pavement (she was coming out of her back gate at the time) and generally i am unimpressed by people who cycle on pavements – but as you say, the temptation is put there for you, LOL. It would be the same for me if someone put a horse tie up ring and haynet somewhere where horse not supposed to be …. well, perhaps not…

  3. You impetuous youth !

  4. Claire – I think Molly would be a fine addition to the Vauxhall underpass if you left her there … of course she might be missing a leg or two at the end of the day
    FlightBuff – you talking to me? impetuous 30-something if so
    Olivia – Thanks. I’ll crack this one with the help of my friends…

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