Two weeks in

I’ve been cycling to the station for two weeks now & I’ve learned a few things, some of them the hard way:

That cycling exercises muscles that other exercises don’t (apparently) reach – even my gentle five minute pedal to the station and back left me walking like a duck for the first two days.

That I am still spending longer getting the correct configuration of bike, lights, lock, lock extension, and large solid object to lock bike to than I am actually cycling.

That if car sees bike (not in itself a given) car must overtake bike. Even if bike is being ridden by Lance Armstrong, even if bike is signalling right, even if car was about to turn off anyway, even if road is lined with exhaust-threatening speed bumps: Car. Must. Overtake. Bike… it’s the law

That when you’re cycling in the rain you actually get wetter than walking the same equivalent distance. Makes no sense but it’s true.

That my brakes, never too effective at the best of times, become purely advisory in the rain.

That they do, nevertheless, make an attractive squealing noise which at least warns people I’m about to pile into the nearest immovable object.

That pigeons aren’t afraid of bikes. Not round here. They stroll under their wheels, laughing.

That cyclists, on the other hand, are a bit nervous of pigeons. Just in case they abandon a lifetime’s habit and take to the wing unexpectedly, you understand.

That yellow is not my colour. Especially loud, bright, neon, scary yellow.

That if you hear a loud squealing noise and turn and see a bright yellow object bearing down on you in the rain, you should get out of the way fast.

Especially if you’re a pigeon.


2 responses to “Two weeks in

  1. Must admit, not relevant to the post, but this morning AGAIN I ran down the stairs (the SWT train was early???? 2mins) and the guard obviously heard me stomping down and held the door open for me to run on!!!!
    My faith in mankind is restored

  2. Carina – truly we live in an age of miracles and wonders.

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