Only the good news …

… here on Disgruntled Commuter for lo, I bring you tidings of more crutch related miracles.

Not the miraculously abandoned crutch this time, but something much more wondrous and rare. I was walking towards the station when I saw a guy on a pair of crutches who only had one leg. He was stuck equidistant between two bus stops just as the bus appeared leaving him a choice of hopping frantically to one or the other to catch (or more likely miss) the bus. Instead, he just stood there and the bus pulled up beside him & let him on. Between stops. Never in all my days have I seen the like … wonders never cease.

Is it a sign?


8 responses to “Only the good news …

  1. A bus driver one of the good guys. Wonders will never cease.

  2. or they knew each other.
    Flighty, there are SOME nice bus drivers out there (although this one was probably running early).
    seriously – it’s actually illegal to stop anywhere but at a bus stop, which is why you won’t see it happen very often.

  3. Claire – I imagine if you did get a one-legged passenger you’d recognise him again the next time … I’m sure you were a lovely bus driver but I’m with Flightbuff on this one, I’ve been left standing in the rain too many times having been a nano-second too slow getting to the stop not to think that some of the drivers are doing it on purpose…

  4. All the Borders Bus Drivers seem nice. And they will stop anywhere-including a lonely layby for a quick fag and a thermos of coffee. Mind you a lack of passengers helps with this life style

  5. Perhaps that could be the reason?

  6. a function of
    1. how many inspectors are lurking ont he route
    2. how many ‘twirlies’ have got the driver’s back up that week (a twirlie is a person with a time restricted pass who thinks s/he can get on the earlier bus than the one s/he knows is the right one)
    3. the driver’s general niceness or otherwise.
    I have to say, I didn’t stop between stops, usually, in fact I can’t remember an occasion. but i did wait for people if i wasn’t running late/full

  7. Twirly. Ah … just worked it out. Nice one 🙂

  8. there really are some nice london bus drivers out there. a friend of mine was being harassed (verbally) by a drunken man late at night by a red traffic light and a bus driver waiting for the light to turn green let her in before she even asked, he just opened the door. long live nice bus drivers 😀

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