I got to Kew Bridge this evening to find that the trains were running late again. An earlier train than the one I’d planned to catch was just pulling in and as it was packed and the next train was right behind it, I decided to wait and get a seat, having played enough sardines for one week already. This gave me a chance to observe the SWT guard as he stood there for a while in the rain, looking intently up the platform. The pips had gone, the doors had closed OK with no stray bags, arms, legs or small children stuck in them, but still he waited.

Curious, I turned to watch too. I can’t say exactly what the guard was waiting for but this is what I saw:
Two people running across the bridge, seeing the train, legging it down the stairs, skidding onto the platform, racing for the doors and pressing the button to no avail.

Only then did guard hop into his compartment, and the train move off, leaving them on the platform. Coincidence? You decide …


6 responses to “Tease!

  1. To be fair, if all you did for a living was press a button to open and close doors then you’d have to seek job satisfaction wherever you could…

  2. true, although they do also get to make long rambling announcements over the PA system when the computerised voices let them get a word in edgeways.

  3. Hmm, strange!!!! (although like first comment, they probably get strange satisfaction out of it)
    I’ve had to leg it for a SWT train twice, when I ran across the bridge and down the stairs (thank god for non-covered stairs) and must say both times the guards kept a set of doors open for me!
    Must have had the nice ones then!

  4. Carina – I think it’s the sense of power that gives them the satisfaction. Either that or the train was stuck at a signal …

  5. At my local station as your foot hits the platform you find yourself 6 feet from the drivers cab and generally in eye contact with the driver but are still 30 feet from the door, just enough time for them to close the doors or not. There’s one driver who seems to take particular delight in frustrating peoples attempts to catch the train mine one two occasions. The Kings Cross staff are far more accommodating.

  6. Does he smile in a wicked way as he does it? Bus drivers seem to be particularly prone to that one…

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