Kew Bridge is Falling Down*

I see this sign every morning and every evening and it never fails to bemuse. ‘In the event of spotting a defect on this structure, please ring (gives number) between the hours of 9:30 and 4:30 Monday to Friday’

So that’s all right then.

* but only during working hours


6 responses to “Kew Bridge is Falling Down*

  1. Being an often disgruntled commuter myself I was drawn to your blog simply by its name you should read my blog entry on cyclists

  2. There’s nothing worse than a defective bridge.

  3. Smartjoks – I don’t think there’s any other kind of commuter (and now you should read my blog entry on cyclists!)
    Sunbeam – true, especially if it starts being defective on 5pm on a Friday…

  4. The bridge over the Whiteadder was completely washed away in the great flood of ’48. And presumably the little notice board asking passer bys to report faults. The fault was a wall of water 30 feet high and the bridge was a goner, defects and all. Sad.

  5. But did it happen during working hours?

  6. did you know every railway bridge has a sign saying if some vehicle hits it (the bridge) ring a given number and tell us please … Has anyone ever done that?

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