Flashers Beware

Pulling out of Waterloo station on the Bakerloo line today we heard the following announcement:

‘Passengers are reminded that flash photography is not allowed anywhere on the London Underground network. This is because the drivers’ eyes are adjusted to the dark in the tunnels and a flash can temporarily blind us causing delays. If you really want photographs of dusty old trains, may I recommend the London Transport museum – nearest stop Covent Garden. Alternatively, you could get a life.’

Something tells me this was not one of the official pre-recorded train announcements.


3 responses to “Flashers Beware

  1. I thought rail staff had to leave their sense of humour at the ticket barrier. Perhaps it was bust that day.

  2. I wouldn’t imagine it would be either possible or safe to attempt to work on the london underground without a fully functioning sense of humour. But I suppose you’re probably supposed to keep it under wraps …

  3. Who was it standing on a platform in Highgate one day ignoring the announcements when they caught the words ‘… said the Fat Controller’? They said that no-one else seemed to notice that Thomas the Tank Engine was being read aloud.

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