I must have picked the worst possible moment for my walk from work to the station this evening – I thought the rain was beginning to ease off but no, it was just biding its time, gathering its strength for the main event. Perhaps in retrospect the thunder and lightning right overhead should have tipped me off… The heavens opened as I walked out of the gates and after that, every time I thought that it couldn’t possibly rain any harder, it did. The water was pouring in torrents off Kew Bridge by the time I had crossed it. And then I kept thinking, well at least I can’t get any wetter but that wasn’t true either. I could feel the point at which my jacket reached saturation point and the water began trickling down my spine. In a less than ten minute walk I got completely drenched right down to the skin, but that wasn’t even the worst of it. There was a bus crawling at the usual walking speed over the bridge as I was crossing so I got to walk alongside it the whole way while two very amusing young men on the top deck shouted humorous remarks at me and another pedestrian about how very inclement the weather was. Thanks guys! You made my trip home a whole lot more bearable because there’s nothing like plotting an elaborate and dreadful revenge on somebody to keep one warm when sitting in wet jeans on the train.


6 responses to “Soaked

  1. Where was your umbrella ? Anyway it’s not quite as bad if you’re homeward bound and you get soaked is it ?

  2. I’m not sure an umbrella would be safe in a thunderstorm … would it?

  3. Sorry, I forgot about the thunder and lightning. No, I don’t think it would.

  4. a drizabone & a waterproof hat are usually quite safe though … if you can bear the clint eastwood cracks

  5. Tip if you get soaked on the way to work: if you drape your socks over the back of your computer, the power supply fan dries them off nicely. Not so nice for whoever the fan is aimed at, mind. Or the health of the ‘puter. But dry feet.

  6. Claire – I actually do have an Australian Akubra hat which is totally waterproof (the last time I got completely soaked to the skin, the only thing that was dry was the top of my head) but I was only allowed to buy it on the condition that I never wore it in London
    Ross – that is gross. I’ll definitely have to try it …

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