Is it Just Me …

…Or did everyone get an email personally addressed to them this afternoon from someone called George McInulty at Transport for London telling them the Northern Line was not working? My first (paranoid) thought was that they had somehow found out about the blog and I was about to be banned from the entire London transport network … then I remembered I had registered my oyster card and had to include all sorts of information like my email address and I’m never quick witted enough to put in something like

My second (paranoid) thought was that TfL were targetting particular oyster card users (after all they do know everywhere we have been) and because I do use the Northern Line a bit at weekends I had been specially selected to receive the email. But it would be pretty hard to use the tube network at all without getting on the Northern Line at some point (as about 7 million Londoners are finding out the hard way today) so it’s probably just been sent to everybody.

Of course it would have been more useful if it had arrived yesterday when the news was first announced rather than after the morning rush hour was over but hey, it’s the thought that counts and as Mr. McInulty also has my home address and telephone number I’m confidently expecting that the compensatory flowers, chocolates and complementary champagne will be delivered by him in person as soon as things are back to normal.


One response to “Is it Just Me …

  1. Regarding the last bit I must disillusion you and say ‘in your dreams’!

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