Fortress America

So I made it into the country, after a 1 hour wait at immigration. Detroit Airport hasn’t quite mastered the technology of the single queue so you have to pick your queue, wait, notice that the other queue is going more quickly, change lines … I don’t really have to elaborate any further do I? suffice it to say that I was the very last one through.

And then when I did get to the head of the line and gave the immigration official my passport I had this sinking feeling as she paged through it. I travel a fair bit for work, sometimes to exotic places, and I used to live in a country so small that if you drove for more than an hour in any direction you hit a border so my passport’s pretty full. US immigration officials used to be pretty good at squeezing their stamps into crowded pages but now that they get to fingerprint you and photograph you and throw you out at will the power has gone to their head. I have one pair of empty pages left on my passport. One. And two years left to run on the passport.

She looked at me, said ‘you’ve been a busy girl haven’t you?’ And then she stamped my passport right in the middle of the last blank page. And smiled

Deportation would have been preferable


4 responses to “Fortress America

  1. sounds like a trip to the passport office when you get back, don’t know if they do new pages ….

  2. you know, my partner said it was hard to find internet access over there; guess you’re having trouble posting, I was expecting disgruntled american commuting ….

  3. Hello..your blog is a good read….just wanted to say hi from the states.
    I visited the UK back in ’87 ( I was 15, you can do the math) I LOVED it…London, Bedworth, Liverpool, over to Belfast and back to London. Next time, I want to go to Wales (my GGGrandparents were from Caerphilly and Cardiff)
    Was this your first visit to the states?

  4. Claire – no lack of internet access but there was a lack of commuting to blog about. I thought about starting a new category called ‘only in America’ but I decided none of you would believe me…
    Jenny – no, I’ve been to the States a lot, married an American, the whole nine yards (you see I have even picked up some of the language)

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