Brrr Humbug

A burning sensation in my left ankle this morning alerted me to the fact that the heating has been turned on this week on the trains. I’d already noticed that the cars on my way to work had their headlights on in the mornings and although the leaves are still at the moment holding on to the trees instead of holding up the trains it’s only a matter of time before the dreaded ‘Leaf Fall’ timetable arrives and then it’s all downhill from there: the clocks going back, being mugged for sweets by the local youths in the name of Halloween, getting up in the dark, going home in the dark … I hate this time of year. It’s enough to make anyone disgruntled.

And then on the way home I was walking up the Kennington Road and I noticed that all the plane trees had little plaques on them, high enough up that the local two-legged wildlife can’t reach them. Craning my neck I realised that they were all named after astronauts. For some strange reason that makes no sense to me, let alone anyone else, this has cheered me up.

But in a disgruntled sort of way, of course. Merry Autumn to you, one and all.


One response to “Brrr Humbug

  1. It’s alright until the clocks change at the end of the month. Merry Autumn to you also !

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