Space Invaders

There was a UFO* on the train this morning. It hovered just above the passengers’ heads, baffling many, its purpose hidden in the mists of time, one more of those great unexplained mysteries like the pyramids and crop circles. Oh no, hang on a minute, it wasn’t unidentified at all. I know what it was, it was a luggage rack. Just like they have on the train every morning.

Which means the real mystery of the day was why the fat guy sitting at the end of the train felt that the last remaining spare seat on the train was a good place for his laptop to go. And when a slight cough and a glare from me persuaded him that however lovely his computer might be it didn’t get to sit down on its own seat, he still didn’t put it on the nice empty rack above his head but shoved it down in front of his seat and then spread his legs (this wasn’t pretty) so his knees were on either side of it, meaning he took up a good half of the seat next to him. He then took up the final few inches by opening his Metro out fully so that it draped itself over my newspaper (why can’t Metro readers fold their newspapers as they read them? Are they so proud of the fact that they are reading them all by themselves without having to run their fingers along the lines that they want everyone else to see?). I know we’re all being very careful about not leaving bags on the train (aren’t we?) but you’d have to be pretty dopey to forget about your laptop. Of course, he did look a bit dopey, so maybe he was doing the right thing…

Anyway at least Silverlink have risen to the challenge I set them so far… sure nobody wants to risk that bet?

Total time wasted today: 3 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 10 hours 44 minutes
No of Silverlink days to go: 9

* Unidentified Fixed Object


2 responses to “Space Invaders

  1. 3 minutes is miserable, I am beginning to see how they’ll miss the target…

  2. yeah, bloody Silverlink, not even reliably bad

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