The Countdown Begins

The die is cast, we have given our notice on the flat and set a moving date – on the 7th of September we begin a new life in South London. We still haven’t actually signed a contract on the new place – but that’s the subject of a whole other potential blog provisionally entitled Why Letting Agents are a Parasitic Scum on the Surface of Society who will be First Up Against the Wall when the Revolution Comes (I may need to come up with a snappier title). But, potentially homeless or not, what is certain is that as I won’t be working on the Bank Holiday or on the day of the move I have precisely 10 more days of suffering with Silverlink to go.

So the interesting question arises, will Silverlink manage to keep the amount of time wasted (since records began) below 12 hours? I only started keeping track in the beginning of May, and since then they have almost single-handedly clocked up a magnificent 10 1/2 hours (helped by a late surge of almost two hours in four days last week) and after today’s performance they only have to waste another 79 minutes of my life in order to have robbed me of precisely half a day in less than a third of a year.

In order not to hit the 12 hour mark, all they have to do is be late by under 8 minutes a day, or 4 minutes per journey, for the next two and a half weeks. And to make life easier for them, on at least one occasion I won’t be getting the Silverlink back home and on two others I’ll only be getting it as far as Highbury and Islington. This doesn’t seem to me to be a particularly challenging target for a modern train company to meet, considering that the schedule is pretty padded already and it’s only supposed to be a 45 minute journey in the first place. Silverlink has managed to run trains in both directions on time on the same day, so we know it can be done. Yet something tells me this is one more target they’re going to miss. In fact, I’m prepared to lay a fiver on it. Any takers?

Total time wasted today: 14 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 10 hours 41 minutes
No. of Silverlink days to go: 10


One response to “The Countdown Begins

  1. No way would I take a bet like that ! I reckon that you are on a odds-on racing certainty of a favourite to win that one.

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