Chip & pinch

They’re always warning us about checking cash machines for signs of tampering or other changes, as though you have memorised the exact detail of every make and model of cash machines that NCR produce. (‘yeah but the cash 1000 has a green trim and the serial number on the upper right. This must be the cash 1001 with extra sun-shade protection and the advanced cash counting technology…’) But what about ticket machines? I went to top up my oyster at the whizzy oyster topper-upper machine at Highbury this evening and what did I find? In the normal slot where the card is supposed to go there was a strange device that definitely wasn’t there last time I used it. And it even came complete with keypad and a message telling me to enter my pin number. I mean, how dodgy is that? How stupid do these criminals think we are?

Now a naive and foolish individual might argue that this is just TfL getting all up to date and down with the chip & pin technology and it isn’t a transparent attempt by some high-tech gang to hack into my bank account. Indeed a really naive and foolish individual might not think any of these things until after they had trustingly typed in their pin number and got a message on the screen alleging that their oyster card had been topped up. Especially if their oyster card actually was topped up and there were posters all over the station announcing the arrival of chip & pin. But that could just be the gang’s fiendish cleverness at work.

I guess I’ll have to wait for my bank account to be cleaned out to know for sure…

Total time wasted today: 5 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 9 hours 23 minutes


One response to “Chip & pinch

  1. I just knew that someone, somewhere noted details of different types of cash machines ! The word whizzy is great, I was whizzing a bit myself last week.

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