Not running from the police, but for a train. Not wearing a padded coat, but a shirt. And not vaulting the barrier but getting through on his oyster card and then picking up a free Metro on his way…

I know regular consumption of the Metro does tend to rob you of the will to live, but not generally to take the whole carriage with you. And what terrorist is going to use an oyster card to travel, that sneaky little bit of plastic that’s busy tracking your every move? There’s a long history of unarmed police in this country & I think we’re learning the reason why.

No commuting for me today – and given the weather I am very, very glad indeed not to have been playing sardines with Silverlink. No time wasted, and all that lovely sunshine to enjoy …

Disgruntled again tomorrow, no doubt.


2 responses to “So….

  1. Are you looking forward to it tomorrow?

  2. Only so I can blog about it (sad but true)

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