Things to do in Islington (when you’re dead)

dead bored of waiting for a bus, that is.

Say what you like about bus stop indicator signs – that they’re acts of fantasy dreamt up by Transport for London to keep bus passengers quiescent while waiting for a bus, for example – you do miss them when they’re not there. Once you’ve got used to a little dot matrix sign telling you that the next no. 30 will be along in 57 minutes if it doesn’t get blown up, lost, or mysteriously transformed into a Fiat Punto on the way, then finding yourself at the old fashioned kind of bus stop where you simply sit there in silent misery waiting for a bus to appear just seems wrong.

So, casting around for amusement this evening we found that Islington council, having housed all its homeless people, educated all of its children to degree standard, picked up all litter in the North London Metropolitan area and still finding it had money left over, had installed a shiny and miraculously un-vandalised e-kiosk right next to the bus stop. Sadly it didn’t have anything like a bus-arrival-time indicator (because that would be useful) or even a real-time map of London showing the position of all the buses moving about on it (because that would be way cool). It did have ‘free’ ringtones for �3 (perhaps the ‘free’ was a misspelling?) and a map of London (sans little animated buses) where you could type in a postcode and get a street map, so we amused ourselves for a while putting in our new postcode and trying to not make it come out as ‘Elephant and Castle’. Then we found the TfL journey planner and clicked on that. Page one, it said: Journey from Here to the Unknown. No restrictions.

That would be on the no. 30 bus, then.

Total time wasted today: 7 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 8 hours 22 minutes


3 responses to “Things to do in Islington (when you’re dead)

  1. NO 32 Bus from Hutton Bus stop is always a journey into the unknown and we don’t need a smartassed gizmo to tell us that in lane wise country parts, thankyou very much

  2. what about Jock?

  3. Jock has left us as we had all heard his stories in search of postures new

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