I am the Lorax

Long suffering and alert readers of this blog may remember that my second ever posting was about the fate of two out of three of the trees on the approach to Hackney Central station. I’ve meant for a while to do an update on their fate & it seems appropriate that on the day we decided to give Silverlink the elbow by moving to S**** London* I can report on their complete and final demise.

When I first reported, one of the trees had been snapped off half-way up and one had been broken off at the base, while the third was merely looking nervous. There was a half hearted attempt by someone to stick the snapped-off second tree back into the ground but it wasn’t entirely successful. Meanwhile the third tree disappeared, rootball and all, either removed for its own protection to somewhere less dangerous, chucked into the nearby building site or stolen by roving garden makeover teams seeking instant results. The original tree struggled on more in the form of a shrub than a tree and barely keeping its head above the weeds that surrounded it. Today, perhaps in celebration of my imminent removal as online thorn in their sides, someone from Silverlink appears to have set out armed with a strimmer to deal with the weeds and promptly removed the last survivor of the great tree massacre. Oh dear. We now have three holes in the ground, neatly surrounded by tree grids and no trees at all. Whether this is in preparation for three more tree victims, or is in fact a piece of installation art on the futility of urban gentrification, I don’t know.

Total time wasted today: 5 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 8 hours 11 minutes

* Moving day is 7th September. As to whether South West trains will give me adequate material to blog about, time will tell – raised eyebrows from my colleagues suggest that I shall continue to be disgruntled for many months or years to come.


4 responses to “I am the Lorax

  1. Yes but to which of the two S******* houses?

  2. Anything but long suffering but not always alert. I remember that post and I’m sorry to hear of the trees demise. If the new journey has little to blog about then you’ll have to drop the commuter bit and be disgruntled about other things, of which I’m sure there are plenty. Happy packing !

  3. Huttonian – the one which (after careful inspection of the A-Z with a ruler) is that all important millimetre closer to North Lambeth than Elephant & Castle.
    FlightBuff -there’s a whole other shadow blog I could do called disgruntled consumer which is waiting in the wings should SW Trains fail me …

  4. I, and I’m sure a lot of others, would love to see that one ! Have a good week.

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