Suited and Booted

A curious sight on the westbound platform this morning – a little knot of commuters all waiting inside the waiting room – albeit hovering just inside the door, no doubt trying to overcome the mysterious force that usually keeps people from entering.

A second glance solved the mystery. It was as miserable a cold wet July morning as you could ask for and not one of them was wearing a coat. A dilemma we are all wrestling with these days – whether to wear the coat and risk looking like a terrorist or forego the coat and catch hypothermia. It’s not particularly helped by having the station guarded again this morning by what looked like the world’s most bored policemen, just itching for someone to come in wearing a puffa jacket and a heavy beard. Don’t they know that puffa jackets are so last century? This year, we will all be wearing these.
(And boy is that the last time I will be typing ‘transparent plastic macs’ into Google… people get up to some funny things out there)

Total time wasted today: 4 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 7 hours 59 minutes


6 responses to “Suited and Booted

  1. Terrorist threat said to be low in the Merse (Fishwick Special Branch assessment) Bring padded jacket

  2. Terrorist threat said to be low in the Merse (Fishwick Special Branch assessment) Bring padded jacket

  3. Flo down under

    Not in Australia you wouldn’t – the transparent mac might be ok but anyone wearing those sheepskin ‘ugh’ boots is an instant target for suspicion. Almost as bad as a mullet haircut…

  4. Flo – yes, they are horrible boots aren’t they? Still at least they weren’t teamed with a rubber French maid outfit …
    huttonian – terrorist risk may be low on the Merse but pneumonia risk is probably at code amber so padded coats it is.

  5. I think the officers this morning at Hampstead Heath could probably go down as the most cheerful pair I have ever seen. Probably because the guy in the ticket office brought them down mugs of tea. In ceramic mugs, no less.

  6. oooh, mug of tea. No such luck for the Hackney coppers that I could see.

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