I packed my Bag, and in it I put

The essential survival kit for any London commute these days:

Fully charged mobile phone and the phone numbers of anyone you’ve ever met (for sending out all those ‘I’m alive’ text messages – don’t forget to put ICE in yours)
A to Z (for navigating yourself home from whatever god-forsaken spot you’re stuck in when the trains stop)
Comfy shoes (ditto)
Two pairs clean underwear (one pair on, in case they get you, one in the bag in case you have to actually take up one of your work colleagues’ kind offers of a bed for the night)
Work files (in case you’re stuck at home – optional)
Stout paperback (for those long delays – come back Harry Potter, all is forgiven)
Bottle of water and bar of chocolate (because you can never have too much of either in an emergency)
Torch (for getting out of tunnels)
Camera (in case you’re caught up in something interesting)
Piece of string (because you never know when a piece of string may come in handy)

Oh, and a bullet proof vest in case the police decide to start playing death tube with live bullets.

That’s a lot to lug around for a 45 minute journey. No wonder every single person on the train now seems to be carrying a backpack.

Now, where was it I left mine? …

Total time wasted today: 11 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 7 hours 28 minutes


4 responses to “I packed my Bag, and in it I put

  1. you made me laugh out loud with that last line – and that’s what I need today!

  2. phew … I wasn’t entirely certain that it was in the best of taste. But hey, I posted it anyway. Thanks for the sweetie & may you survive to write many more entries

  3. Lunnon seems a world away. The only expolsions in this part of the world are cows farting.

  4. Hey that’s the spirit disgruntled commuter! I had a real chuckle too!

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