What Not to Do

Technically the following is hearsay, as I didn’t actually witness it myself but I have it on good authority from someone who was there.

Apparently yesterday evening the westbound Silverlink stopped at an (unnamed) station and one of the people getting on spotted a bag on the train he didn’t like the look of. So he asked whose it was and when there was no immediate answer the carriage divided roughly in half between those people who tutted disapprovingly at the delay caused by someone spotting an unattended bag, and those who picked the bag up and tried to throw it off the train. Or, I would hope, gently place it down on the platform, given what it might contain. Fortunately at that point the owner of the bag realised what was going on and reclaimed it and the train could proceed without anyone wasting any more time or losing a limb.

Now you can sort of see that the idea of removing the offending bag has a certain superficial logic, as long as you’re fairly certain that the bag in question doesn’t contain a bomb, or if you don’t mind massively inconveniencing (or endangering) everybody left on the station as long as your train leaves on time. But given that this was exactly one week after the bombs, I can’t have any sympathy with the people who were tutting at the fuss – note it wasn’t the abandoned bag they were complaining about, but the potential delay caused by someone noticing it. Pretending that the bag isn’t there is even stupider than picking it up and chucking it off the train. Continuing daily life as normal is one thing, but let’s not get carried away. Or in the case of the bag, left behind on the platform …

Meanwhile, although the rubbish bags are still missing, that hasn’t stopped the indomitable passengers of the North London Line carefully stacking their litter in the place where the bins were. Bless. Now all we have to do is keep putting the litter in or near the bins when they actually return.

Total time wasted today: 5 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 5 hours 39 minutes


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