The second sign of madness

The Independent seems to be re-running that old chestnut about relative finger lengths saying something about your sexuality. I seem to remember this once coming out ooh about four years ago but never mind, the Indy gets there in the end. I know this not because I read the thing – I have no desire to be hectored by Robert Fisk on a daily basis – but because the guy sitting opposite me on the train home this evening was furtively inspecting his hands (I thought for a minute was looking for hair on the palms of them until I saw the article he was reading). Whatever the outcome was for him, he didn’t seem that happy about it because he checked both of them pretty carefully and then sat on them for the rest of the journey.

Anyway, you can read the whole thing here yourself & see if you can get through the whole thing without looking at your hands. I challenge you.

Total time wasted today: 5 minutes
Total time wasted to date: 5 hours 14 minutes


6 responses to “The second sign of madness

  1. I read The Independent but haven’t got round to that article yet. I think I might give it a miss (said whilst surreptitiously glancing at hands).

  2. The usual giveaway(if that is the right word) is feet size. At least that was what was said with the odd downward glance in the Swinging Sixties

  3. FlightBuff – well if you do read it, let us know what you find! Huttonian, you are showing your age …

  4. Oi, the Indy wanted me to pay to read that article in full online and now I’m in an agony of anticipation as I just have to know what my hands are telling me. I suppose i could just pay, but it doesn’t seem fair…

  5. Oops – sorry about that. It was free when I made the link. You’ve got to be quick to keep up on Disgruntled Commuter

  6. I’ve finally read the article. My index and ring fingers are equal in length. Seems that I’m either a bit of both or neither one or the other. None of which sounds right !

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