You just can’t get the Staff these days

Oh what a blog I could have had today. Apparently some leaflet got delivered around the local area warning local residents of nuclear waste being moved on the North London Line on its way to Sellafield. They even had a picture of the DEATH TRAIN itself, fortunately not actual Silverlink rolling stock – you don’t want to be transporting nuclear waste on trains where the doors don’t reliably close – but flat bed freight trains with concrete pots on. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the trains in question although without the pots & I can’t be sure because someone efficiently threw the leaflet away before I saw it and only thought to mention it in passing yesterday. Oh well. I shall keep my eyes out for one among the discarded pizza takeaway leaflets and taxi cards that litter the bottom of our mail boxes.

Of course the rational part of my mind (small and getting smaller but still putting up a valiant fight against the forces of unreason) points out that if nuclear waste does have to be transported, better by train than by road, and probably better through the suburbs than right through the centre of London. And although obviously I’d prefer it if it went through South London (cue joke here about doing millions of pounds worth of improvements) there is a certain delicious irony at the thought of the waste passing through the former ‘Nuclear Free Zones’ of Camden and Islington councils.

So, watch this space, or if you’re in the area, watch out for mutant pigeons. Always supposing you’d be able to tell a mutant one from what passes for normal in London.

Total time wasted today: 9 minutes
Total time wated to date 4 hours 37 minutes


2 responses to “You just can’t get the Staff these days

  1. When I was growing up in Birmingham, oh, not that long ago, we lived by a railway line and the death trains used to go by at night. It could explain why I glow slightly.

  2. yes & how many legs do your chickens have? I think we should be told!

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